A.Z. Helchasm (1990) is a Dutch author who writes almost exclusively in English, feeling that the language is in many ways more expressive than his native Dutch — though in certain cases, Dutch has it beat, and he fully intends to one day write a Dutch novel.

Helchasm began writing stories from the moment he knew how to read, though he only really began to get into it when he received his first computer at age seven. From that point on, he began writing many short stories featuring all kinds of strange monsters, who were often slain in equally strange ways.

At age fourteen, he switched to writing in English, when he boldly attempted to write a sequel to Animorphs. It was never published, even on a fanfiction site, but he never went back to Dutch afterwards.

The period after the switch was marked by a transition from original stories into fanfiction, which Helchasm used to hone his skills as a writer, and simply to have fun coming up with stories for characters he already liked. Even to this day, he enjoys writing fanfiction, and it’s unlikely he’ll ever stop.

Of course, the dream of one day writing a ‘real’ novel always remained, and he made numerous attempts to get started on one, all the while wondering how, if ever, he would get it published.

As he continued to write his stories, he began to look into publishing practices and realized that he didn’t care much for the notion of being traditionally published. His stories were his, and no one else was allowed to have any say in them. It seemed like a natural choice, then, that he would self-publish his works, despite the likelihood of remaining a complete unknown to most people.

Far from being the most prolific author (as those who have followed his fanfictions, with their sporadic updates, can attest), it took Helchasm several years to get his first novel finished. But in 2022, the moment had finally arrived, and his first novel ‘Knights of Sceldrum: Trial by Fire’ was released on June 13th, 2022.

Helchasm is an avid fencer and krav maga practitioner, and added this paragraph in lieu of saying he lives in an apartment with his dog and three parakeets like a lot of authors do, because he doesn’t.

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